Apprenticeships at Wienerberger

At Wienerberger, we’re passionate about recruiting and developing talented young people across our business to increase skills, drive business growth and secure on-going competitiveness.

Encouraging young talent - opportunity and diversity

Our apprenticeship programmes combine 'on the job' training with formal educational qualifications - which are gained with licensed training providers. This gives apprentices the right mix of technical and practical skills and the chance to earn while they learn.  
With the UK construction industry experiencing a well publicised skills shortage, a wealth of opportunities are emerging in the sector for people starting their careers - and it’s not just bricklaying and traditional construction career paths either.   The industry is evolving, and in preparation for the future we’re offering apprenticeships in number of fields, including Engineering and Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance and have employees who have completed apprenticeships in IT, Customer Services and Marketing.

What can a Wieneberger apprenticeship do for me?

By applying to become an apprentice at Wienerberger UK, you could: Earn while you work towards a formal qualification Be offered a full time position upon completion Join a team of almost 1200 UK employees Get hands-on practical training Receive a competitive salary above the minimum national apprentice rate of pay  

Meet Harriette Ewens - a Wienerberger apprentice

Having worked at Wienerberger since May 2015, Harriette Ewens, 17, is currently undertaking an apprenticeship as a Mechanical Engineer, working at our Broomfleet site four days a week, whilst spending one day studying through HETA – providers of health & safety training and engineering apprenticeships.
Opting to commence her career immediately after leaving school, Harriette has put her enjoyment of Maths, Science and Design to good use. On completion of Wienerberger’s apprenticeship programme she will qualify as a Mechanical Engineer, a career which challenges her to utilise all three disciplines within her day to day job.
HARRIETTE: "It’s great to be a part of the team here at Wienerberger, where I’ve been given a brilliant platform to start my career in Construction. Since leaving school and joining the company over a year ago, I’ve learnt a great deal, both through being on site learning on the job, and through undergoing additional training one day a week through HETA.   Each day is different and I really enjoy being part of the team – it’s a huge aid to my development as an apprentice that I have so many experienced Engineers around me from which I can learn and adapt techniques. I’d definitely encourage anyone wanting to get involved within construction to consider the wide range of opportunities available."

The importance of apprenticeships at Wienerberger

Here at Wienerberger we are passionate about the recruitment and development of talented individuals to help increase skills, drive business growth and secure on-going competitiveness. We believe it is vital to improve co-operation between schools and the construction industry, promoting apprenticeship opportunities. Our apprenticeship programmes provide on-the-job training while working towards a specialist qualification. Participants essentially are given the opportunity to earn while they learn.

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