Case Study: Broomfleet builds partnership with Newport Primary School

Staff at Wienerberger’s Broomfleet factory recruited the creativity of students at Newport Primary School to reinvigorate their energy awareness campaign.

"Save Energy, Save the Planet"

The partnership began when staff at Broomfleet visited students at Newport Primary School to describe how roof tiles were made and to explain the importance of saving energy in the manufacturing process. Students were then invited to help encourage staff to save energy at the Broomfleet by creating colourful posters. The students produced fantastic eye-catching posters with slogans such as ‘Save Energy, Save the Planet’ which are now on display around the factory.

As a thank you Ian Martinson, Broomfleet’s talented in-house sculptor, ran a special clay model-making workshop for the students and then carefully fired these in specialist kilns back at the factory.

This project, which has fostered a strong connection between Broomfleet and Newport Primary School, culminated in a visit to the factory itself where students saw first-hand how roof tiles are made and even produced their own handmade clay tiles.

Debby O'Connell, Headteacher at Newport Primary School commented “The students have all learnt a great deal not only about the company and industry but also the processes involved in clay and what it can be used for. Many of the children have said that it is the best and most enjoyable lesson they have had. The skills they have learnt have been tremendous.”

Rob Jennings, Production Engineer and Energy Champion at Broomfleet said “Wienerberger is a major employer in the town and many students have relatives working at our factory. It’s been extremely rewarding to involve them in our energy saving campaign and inspire the next generation to join the industry.”

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