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Take a look at the latest additions to our Brick range.

New additions

At Wienerberger we pride ourselves on our extensive and unique range of products. With this in mind we are always looking at innovative ways to expand our offerings to customers, to ensure we have the widest range of options available.
Here we show you the latest additions to our Brick product range. These new additions cover a varied range of colours from white, all the way to black, as well as different textures such as Waterstruck, Creased, Smooth and Sanded. We have also introduced different size options, from the conventional metric brick size, to imperial sized products as well as unique continental sizes such as our Danish Waterstruck range.
These new additions alongside our existing range of products give you the freedom in design to achieve your requirements whether traditional or contemporary.
Roman Range
In response to the growing trend for architects and designers exploring a wider variety of brick sizes, Wienerberger, has announced the launch of seven new long format bricks to its Roman range. These Bricks are...

Roman Andreas


Roman Fortuna

Roman Patrice


Roman Optima

Roman Prisma


Roman Maestra


Roman Dignita

If you can’t find what you are looking for, please email or call our Customer Services teams and they will be pleased to help you.
For Brick samples: Tel: 0845 303 2524
Email: samples@wienerberger.co.uk

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