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Wienerberger is a leading provider of wall, roof and landscaping innovations. Watch our corporate video to find out about our quality products, our company values, innovations and how we operate in a sustainable way.

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At Wienerberger we take great pride in our global reputation for manufacturing and supplying the highest quality ranges of Bricks, Blocks, Pavers and Roof tiles.
Since the business was founded in Vienna in 1819, we’ve been driven to innovate not only in our finished products but also in manufacturing processes and production methods.
We’ve always embraced the desire to address issues on sustainability - from more careful sourcing of natural clay resources through to the development of products and the construction of healthier buildings.   
For us, sustainability has been and always will be a dynamic and constant commitment. This commitment is evident throughout our global network of businesses and sits at the core of our extensive UK operation which dates back to the opening of our very first manufacturing plant in 1836.
Today we offer the UK construction industry the very best in UK sourced building solutions along with the combined knowledge and expertise of a major international company.
Our policy of constant innovation has witnessed a gradual and purposeful expansion of our product range. We now boast a truly comprehensive range of total building solutions and believe that innovation and sustainability can be found in more than just the pages of our product catalogues - their qualities that are so integral to what we do that they become embedded in our corporate DNA.
Innovation lies at the heart of our sustainable approach, which means that it is constantly being driven by new ideas both for products and production methods. This ethos is so important to us that it’s now a matter of company policy.

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