Specifically designed Porotherm wall ties

The Porotherm system has its own specific type of wall ties which provide many benefits.

Because of the thin joints created with Porotherm, standard ties are not suitable. However, a range of purpose made, system-compliant stainless steel ties are widely available.
The range includes ties for internal wall junctions and internal/external cavity walls as well as party walls. The ties are manufactured from corrosion resistant stainless steel and are suitable for use in housing and commercial applications. These innovative range of wall ties for use with cellular clay blockwork allow, Horizontal mortar bed joints of just 1mm.
Applying the Wall Ties 
Porotherm blocks use a two part wall tie. Placement of the flat strip part of the 2 part tie is very straight forward. Simply wipe the tie in the rolled out adhesive, turn it over and place back onto the block in the adhesive. The wire part of the tie can then be installed as the external façade is brought up.
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