Why create the e4 brick house?

The Wienerberger e4 brick house is enabling developers, housing providers and local authorities to create sustainable, efficient and future-proofed properties.

Innovation and sustainability are two of Wienerberger’s core values.

  Both are at the heart of our commitment to create material solutions that help deliver a better quality of life.   The e4 brick house is one such solution. It is our response to the UK housing crisis and the pressing need to build houses that are sustainable and affordable, but efficient and beautiful too.   So the e4 house is more that just an answer to the UK housing shortage, but a way for the UK to build future-proofed houses that people will aspire to make into long-term homes.   WANT TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE WIENERBERGER E4 HOUSE? + Call 0161 491 8200 or email marketing.uk@wienerberger.com    

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