Block E, West Hendon, Masterplan - Brick: Cambridge Cream

BDA Winner 2016 (Best Urban Regeneration Project) Brickwork Subcontractor: City Brickwork (UK) Ltd

BDA Winner 2016 (Best Urban Regeneration Project)

ARCHITECTS: Allies and Morrison


LOCATION: London, England

BRICK TYPE: Facing brick (Cambridge Cream)

PROJECT: Block E, West Hendon Masterplan


The masterplan for West Hendon has been developed in partnership with the London Borough of Barnet, Barratt London and Metropolitan Housing Trust in order to regenerate a 1960’s housing estate to create 2,000 new homes adjacent to a Site of Significant Interest (Welsh Harp reservoir). The masterplan incorporates affordable housing, new public parks, a primary school, community centre and commercial space for small cafes and shops. The proposals seek to improve the interface with the Welsh Harp by providing a new linear park on this edge and also to reconnect the currently isolated site to the surrounding streets and open spaces by placing a new park on the route up to Hendon train station.

The materials across the masterplan are predominately brick, reconstituted stone, painted steel balconies and aluminium windows. Diversity is gained through the different treatment of the materials. For instance the tower is articulated by a series of vertical brick piers so that they appear as delicate brick frames rather than solid blocks. In contrast the medium rise buildings appear more solid with deep reveals and projecting balconies. The variation in brick types has been carefully considered to subtly respond to the masterplan and the site context. Each brick has been selected because it has an inherent degree of variation in surface colour and texture to add visual interest and richness to the wall surface. The choice of material will respond to the local context as it changes across the site.

Block E is comprised of four linked buildings, including the tower, providing 287 residential units. The brickwork for this group of buildings is a light warm buff brick, Wienerberger’s Cambridge Cream, all traditionally built. The light brick colour and texture compliments the variations in greens along the edge of the Welsh Harp and York Park when viewed from outside the development area. Three intermediate buildings of 6-8 storeys are grouped around a shared courtyard whose main external surface is brick punctuated by a regular rhythm of deep reveals. To maintain a calm appearance for the facade, aluminium windows have been limited to three Allies and Morrison types; a typical bedroom window a typical sliding door to a living room and a slot window for living areas. The end facades, overlooking York Park and the Welsh Harp, open out to create larger windows and door openings framed with deep brick piers and pre-cast concrete lintels spanning across the elevations to create a horizontal accent at each floor level.

A 26 storey, separated from the other three buildings by a public entrance court, has a facade of open brick frames composed of brick piers and pre-cast concrete lintels. The brick is different to the lower buildings to provide material variation along York Park, The lintels are expressed at alternate floor levels to create a double height composition of vertical brick piers and horizontal pre-cast lintels providing a clear visual order.

Block E West Hendon Masterplan

Block E West Hendon Masterplan

Block E West Hendon Masterplan

Block E West Hendon Masterplan

Block E West Hendon Masterplan

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