Tile: New Rivius

Block: Porotherm 100

Brick: Hestia Multi

Solar: PV48



The project embodies two years of cooperation between Wienerberger and global engineering and design consultancy, Arup, to develop the Wienerberger e4 brick house concept for the UK market.


The development is being built by Tag Information Technology Limited. Tag had initially planned a timber frame construction for the development but changed their plans when they heard about Wienerberger’s e4 brick house concept.


e4 principles were applied to the Hanslope project with the help of Wienerberger’s BIM Lab, which issued construction drawings, 3D Revit modelling, and bills of product quantities to the developer within four weeks.


The Tag development is expected to complete next year. Tag managing director Jayant Kapadia likes the concept so much he is planning to use it in his own home. Further e4 developments are in the pipeline with housing associations and other developers.


Tag’s Hash Kapadia commented: “The real difference between this and other options for the builder lies in durability, real and perceived quality. The houses are designed to last more than 150 years and should have low on-going maintenance costs over their extended lifespan.”





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