At Wienerberger, sustainability means taking our social and environmental responsibilities seriously. It means findings ways to offset our impact on the world, and ensuring our business grows ethically. At its core, it’s about trying to do more with less.


For a better quality of environment.
Wherever we can, we try to minimise the resource we use. From reducing emissions from our factories through constant efficiency and process innovation, to making use of both raw and recycled materials in our products, to site locations that are strategically placed to reduce distribution distances and to educating and empowering our employees to help us achieve our goals, we’re committed to making sustainability gains across the business.
Of course, if we’re considering our environment we’re considering the communities that live within it as well. We play an active role in our communities through effective stakeholder engagement and charitable donations.
Each year our factories host a range of events and visits, including those from wildlife and archaeological interest groups, and schools and universities. With several factories we have established formal ‘Liaison Committees’ where we discuss topics like planning and environmental management with neighbours and local councillors.
We also support charities who share our mission to improve people’s quality of life by providing sustainable solutions for constructing or renovating buildings.

“These are the bricks on which we are built…”

Watch how we build a better quality of life.

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