The Wienerberger Brick Award 2018

The award is a tribute to outstanding architectural design as well as to the aesthetic and functional benefits facing bricks, clay blocks and roof tiles can provide in contemporary architecture.

International award acknowledging outstanding brick architecture

Almost everyone knows that brick is one of mankind’s oldest and most durable building materials, with countless design possibilities and excellent energy efficiency properties.
The competition puts this building material into the spotlight demonstrating how exciting, exceptional and modern architecture using brick can be.
The spectrum of applications ranges from building solutions using classic clay blocks, facing bricks and roof tiles to the creative application of clay pavers and ceramic façade panels.
Special attention is thereby directed at the natural integration into the surroundings, efficient use of energy, resources and space, the character as well as the quality of the building itself and its lighting conditions.
The Brick Award is an independent award; the use of Wienerberger products is no decisive factor for participation. The competition takes place every two years.
Out of all submissions worldwide, an independent panel of architecture journalists and critics narrows down the number to a total of 50 projects, which are nominated for the Wienerberger Brick Award in different categories.
Subsequently, an international jury of architects will select the category winners as well as one grand prize winning project. 

Brick Award 2018 - The 50 Nominees

interior brown brick chappel modern design natural light San Bernardo Chappel
San Bernardo Chapel, Argentina
two red brick facade apartment towers Westkaai Towers 5 and 6
Westkaai towers 5 & 6, Belgium
red brick facade white brick facade apartment buildings courtyard Lorette Convent
Lorette Convent – Apartment Drbstr, Belgium
red brick facade apartment building view from below Mengel Tower
Mengel Tower, Denmark
brick built church street view brick buildings Kannikegården Denmark
Kannikegarden, Denmark
grey and red brick facade windows front view Krøyers Plads Denmark
Krøyers Plads, Denmark
grey brick facade front view brick building Denmark Carlsberg
Carlsberg Foundation’s Researcher Apartments, Denmark
grey brick facade private house villa platan front view
Villa Platan, Denmark
yellow brick facade cladding apartment building side view Lorraine Coallia
Lorraine Coallia, France
interior recycling centre white brick walls Sorting centre France
Sorting Centre, France
kids girls dancing ballet cement walls Activity and Dance Centre France
Activity and dance centre, France
Social housing apartment building light brick facade colorful windows front view
Social housing in the vines, France
Staatsarchiv in Landshut grey brick facade building front view by night
Staatsarchiv Landshut, Germany
brick facade modern windows detail view Sparkasse Ulm
Sparkasse Ulm, Germany
Student residence building brick facade front view Philosophicum Germany
Philosophicum, Germany
red brick glass building modern front view Reception Building Dräger Germany
Reception Building Dräger, Germany
brown brick garage holes man standing drinking coffe Remisenpavillon
Remisenpavillon, Germany
brown brick facade building view from below ROM.HOF Student Residential Courtyard
ROM.HOF, Germany
Russian Monastery Church front view white brick facade garden
Russian Monastery Church St. Georg, Germany
Philosophikum am Domplatz, Germany
Philosophikum am Domplatz, Germany
interior concert hall white floor walls gold Anneliese Brost Music Forum
Anneliese Brost Musikforum, Germany
brown brick facade apartment house front view prenzlauer berg
Apartment House Prenzlauer Berg, Germany
modern brown brick facade side view museum European Hansemuseum Lübeck
European Hansemuseum Lübeck, Germany
white facade detail view door window glass Keep it simple Germany
Keep it simple, Germany
red brick temple front view The Temple and The People India
The Temple and the People, India
red textured brick facade detail view Cloaked in Bricks Iran
Cloaked in Bricks, Iran
white house mountains nature river Haus am Muehlbach
Haus am Mühlbach, Italy
brick facade winter front view church St. Olav Catholic Cathedral
St. Olav Cathedral, Norway
woman lookig outside the window brick wall with holes spain
Dwelling between party walls, Spain
historical brick modern white brick facade front view Church Barca
The Old Church of Vilanova de la Barca, Spain
red brick wall holes one story building front view nature Lanka Learning Center
Lanka Learning Centre, Sri Lanka
brown brick facade front view Single family house House Juniskär Sweden
House Juniskär, Sweden
red brick facade front view Värtan Bioenergy CHP-plant
Värtan Bioenergy CHP-plant, Sweden
grey facade modern apartment building front view Wohnhaus mit Industriemauerwerk
Wohnhaus mit Industriemauerwerk, Switzerland
Schoolhouse Kopfholz, Switzerland
Schoolhouse Kopfholz, Switzerland
white museum building modern architecture front view Kunstmuseum Basel
Kunstmuseum Basel, Switzerland
red brick facade front view apartment building Tugelablokken
Tugelablokken, The Netherlands
brown brick facade detail view windows Restaurant Southside New Market
Restaurant Southside New Market, The Netherlands
modern Public Transport Terminal birck facade glass doors by night Breda
Public Transport Terminal Breda, The Netherlands
Pavilion Brick Factory Vogelensangh red brick facade building front view
Pavilion Brick Factory Vogelensangh, The Netherlands
glass brick facade side view chanel store amsterdam crystal houses
Crystal Houses, The Netherlands
Augmented Brickwork glass brick facade colorful railway passage
Augmented Brickwork – Public Railway Passage, The Netherlands
white brick facade green windows front view private house atlas house
Atlas House, The Netherlands
red brick textured facade detail view De Gouverneur Rotterdam
De Gouverneur, The Netherlands
grey and red brick facade front view detail door Houses with 2 Doors
Houses with two doors, The Netherlands
brown brick facade house front view t Melkhuisje Netherlands
‘t Melkhuisje, The Netherlands
white brick facade private house door window front view Mews House
Mews House, UK
brown textured brick facade private house windows front view Foundry Mews
Foundry Mews, UK
brick walls narrow lot wooden door windows Lee and Tee House
Lee & Tee House, Vietnam
red brick facade holes front view garden Terra Cotta Studio Vietnam
Terra Cotta Studio, Vietnam

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