Koraflex Plus has got it all covered.

A specialist solution for faster, easier and greener roof flashing.

The NEW lead-replacement flashing solution from Wienerberger.

Butyl adhesive backing means no prefabrication or welding. 100% lead and solvent free, so no risk of chemical leaching.  Excellent UV & temperature resistance and a 15-year guarantee.   Koraflex Plus is a high quality lead replacement flashing solution offering easy installation and unrivalled environmental safety.  Available in three colours with a 15-year RoofSpec guarantee, it works just like lead, but with an adhesive backing that removes the need for prefabrication or welding. 

Enquire about Koraflex Plus today.

+ Call 0844 9395 900 + Email WBUKmarketing@wienerberger.com

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