SVK - Color Plus

Color Plus facade panels are lightly sanded and coloured right through to the edge during the production process. That means whatever your design choices, the facade reflects your aesthetic vision through the entire panel.

Matched and Smooth
The visible side of each panel is finished with high quality, durable and UV-resistant acrylic. This scratch-resistant coating gives the facade a uniformly smooth and matte appearance. The colour of the coating is chosen to match the pigment of the panel for even greater cohesion, and the reverse is given a transparent coating.
Dried for Stability
Each Color Plus facade panel is double pressed and hardened for a minimum of four weeks before air drying to achieve excellent structural integrity, impact resistance and stability.
Low Maintenance
The low porosity of Color Plus panels means they’re less vulnerable to contamination. Little or no maintenance is required, with cleaning only needing pure water or a liquid, neutral, nonabrasive all purpose cleaner. For best results follow maintenance instructions.
A lightly sanded coloured finish, with the shade visible right to the edge. The smooth acrylic coating presents a uniform matte appearance, mirroring the pigment in the panel itself for depth of colour.

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