SVK - Colormat

Colormat panels unlock a range of textural and aesthetic options, from smooth Classic to rougher Scripto and milled Bando, coloured right through during the manufacturing process.

Colour First
The Colormat panels are coloured during the manufacturing process. This method ensures colour right through the product, and a specialised sanding process helps emphasise the variation and detail which marks each panel as unique.
Protected for Performance
After pressing, the panels are autoclaved to ensure strength and durability. Each panel is then hydrophobed, providing a water repellent matte and transparent protective layer. The result is a low maintenance water and dirt repellent panel that ages naturally.
Colormat Classic
A smooth sur face, with a light sanding to create subtle lines and variations.
Colormat Scripto
A more deeply sanded option, with clearer variation and noticeable line structure. The line direction can be rotated and contrasted between panels for aesthetic effect.
Colormat Bando
Available in both Classic and Scripto finishes, Bando adds even more depth and character. Repetitive 2mm deep and 8mm wide milled grooves create the effect of wooden or synthetic slats.
Texture: Colormat Classic
A matte panel with a smooth sanded surface for subtle variation.
Texture: Colormat Scripto
A rougher and more characterful surface, with lines and variations.

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