SVK - Ornimat

Ornimat panels come in a broad range of colours, custom cut to eliminate wastage and work on site.

Custom Cut
With Ornimat, you only pay for what you use. Each panel is made-to-measure, cut to your exact specifications. That means you’re paying for what’s on the wall, with no offcuts and wastage to worry about. A fully customised solution, delivering less waste and greater efficiency and flexibility.
Think in Colour
Whether your project needs bright aesthetic impact, or a tone sympathetic to the surrounding environment, there are Ornimat panels to match. The standard range includes naturalistic Essentials, and colourful Elements. And orders over 50m2 can select nearly any RAL or NCS colour.
Design to the Edge
Ornimat panels provide the performance and durability to let your true colours shine. Water-based, UV-resistant, two-component polyurethane paint means they’re colour-fast, machine coloured right to the edge after cutting using the same high quality coating. And the natural drying and hardening processes helps create a beautifully smooth and durable finish.
Low Maintenance
The high specification coating is a quality finish that allows for low maintenance and fantastic performance. Just water, or mild detergent is needed, without specialist chemicals or processes.
A beautifully smooth surface with a matte finish, with colour right to the edges. The visible side is coated with UV-resistant two-component polyurethane paint, with the rear given a water-based protective coating.

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