SVK - Puro Plus

SVK Fibre Cement Facades are versatile by design, with adaptability and durability at their core.

Puro Plus offers a nuanced naturalistic texture.

Touch and Texture
Puro Plus benefits from a lightly sanded texture and variation. A distinctive aesthetic choice, and one where the natural and beautiful character of the fibre cement shines through, with no covering or coating.
Shades of Character
The textured finish brings an element of nature into play, producing variations in shade and appearance as the weather and environment interact with the panel itself. Over time, no panel will look quite the same.
Wrapped and Ready
Each Puro Plus panel is fully calibrated, ensuring a smooth and flawless finish every single time. After calibration, panels are covered with a protective film. This can be removed after installation when invisible fastenings are used, meaning no glue residue on the visible side of the panel. When attached with screws or rivets, the film is removed before installation.
The visible side of each panel is lightly sanded for a unique texture and appearance. The aesthetic effect is striking and naturalistic.

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