Brick training

As the world’s number one producer of bricks Wienerberger is well placed to provide high quality training on all things brick to its customers.

Our brick training schemes have been developed with the needs of our customer in mind. The key objective of each course is to improve a delegate’s understanding of bricks to help them sell more of the product and grow their own share in this category. Feedback to date has been very positive as confidence grows through the knowledge gained and we have seen customer branch behaviour going from being reactive to proactively seeking additional brick sales.
Brick Training
Our Brick Training module covers all the fundamental aspects of bricks and our related services. This foundation course is aimed at new starters but can also suit more experienced members of staff as our trainers are well able to adapt the course content.
This course looks at the brick market, the production processes involved, how to identify individual brick types, understanding the value of special shaped bricks and improved technical competence with brick properties.
This one day course also includes a comprehensive factory tour and interactive sessions to validate learning. All delegates leave with detailed course notes.
Special Shape Bricks Awareness Training
The Wienerberger Special Shape Brick training is currently in review. If you are interested in future courses, please contact Andrea Cooley at

+ Telephone: Jeremiah Hipwell on (0) 161 491 8200