Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Wienerberger offer a range of free RIBA accredited CPDs.

It is important that Architects and Specifiers maintain a competitive edge and CPD Seminars offer an ideal opportunity for professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills in existing and new areas of practice, crucial to maintaining qualified status and an appropriate level of expertise.

Wienerberger offers complementary CPD seminars to architectural professionals keen to update their knowledge of clay bricks and blocks, roofing and paving, along with an overview on the basic foundations of BIM. 

Wienerberger’s in-depth CPD seminars are all certified by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and delivered by experienced and qualified personnel.  Each module qualifies for one hour of CPD attendance. Our programme can be delivered at a place, date and time to suit and we can tailor CPD seminars to suit individual professional needs. We also offer open courses from time to time – details of current courses are available on our events page

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Our CPD topics


The Basic Foundations of BIM
A short introduction and overview of BIM.  This CPD programme allows delegates to navigate a successful direction in a world becoming dominated by BIM conversations and learn how to spot a BIM fraud and what it means to BIM level 2 compliant.



Technical considerations when designing with brick
This seminar looks at the most important technical issues that need to be taken into consideration when designing with clay brick to ensure that it retains its quality and beauty. Product selection, brick properties, expansion joints and mortar are all discussed with a focus on how this can affect design and detailing. The presentation also looks at standards, sustainability and construction methods. Delegates should be able to take away an understanding of the main technical considerations to enable the successful specification and execution of brickwork.

Brick Design and Innovation
An introduction to the basic properties of bricks, clay masonry and their appropriate specification. This seminar explores ancient and modern iconic brick structures, takes a look at special bricks, green credentials, along with case studies of projects where none standard brick products are used to good effect. The CPD also features an overview of manufacturing techniques, terms and definitions, in accordance with the product standard BSEN 771-1 2003 & PAS 70 testing methodology.

Decorative and Sculptured Brickwork
A seminar that seeks to explain the flexibility brickwork offers to architects and specifiers.

Designing for Movement in Brickwork
A CPD seminar which looks at the basic British Standard requirements, those situations where problems have arisen and how a designer can minimise the risk of damage.


Brick Tile Cladding System
This seminar explains brick tile cladding systems, its history & what the systems can be used for. The course will outline the system development brief & components, the colour range of the tile components and the unique features of the system. Also included are an explanation of the production of the system title components, testing and accreditation and the system attributes. Completed projects and case studies are also reviewed.


Multi Cellular Clay Block Wall System: A Modern Construction Method with the Reassuringly Traditional Values of Clay
This CPD course will provide the designer with other MMC options for walling systems, raise awareness about other walling systems that are environmentally friendly, educate in CDM benefits and safer site traffic management and identify a system that accords with current legislation.


Combining Technology with Tradition – A history of natural clay – Sandtoft
In order to better understand what is possible, you must first understand what has past; this compelling CPD guides you through time to allow the recipient to understand the routes of modern roofing.  The seminar then considers modern clay roofing and how the traditional has merged with modern technology to provide materials and solutions that meet today’s legislative requirements.

Control of Roof Space Condensation
This CPD presentation covers the causes of condensation in buildings, identification of the Building Regulations relating to condensation control and practical examples of how to comply with the latest standards.  Illustrated examples include a warm and a cold roof design and underlay types are explained.

A History of Handmade Tiles – Keymer
This interesting CPD guides you through time to allow the recipient to understand the roots of traditional heritage roofing.  The CPD then considers the pitfalls associated with heritage roofing product selection that have arisen, and recognises how the designer can minimise the risk of damage.


The Benefits of Clay Paving
This seminar looks at the benefits of clay paving and where and when it can be used. It will help delegates to understand the different sizes and forms of clay pavers, how to choose the right construction method, a brief look at rigid and flexible construction methods for clay pavers and laying patterns, the importance of edge restraint and the short and long term maintenance requirements. The CPD seminar also explores how British Standard BS EN 1344 can define the product selection of clay pavers and their testing.