Special brick selector

Comprehensive information on our Special Bricks microsite will help you choose the right special shaped brick for any project

Special shaped bricks play an important role in enhancing the look of a building and our Special Brick Selector ensures that selecting the right brick is an easy process.

With an impressive range of over 250 special bricks available in all colours and textures, the tool not only sources the perfect special brick for the job, providing all the specific technical details and images, but also recommends other special shaped bricks that are commonly used with each individual option.

Users can visually filter through all British Standard Specials by group, such as Bullnose, Cants, Squints & Angles, Plinths, Cappings & Copings and Solids, before filtering the options further by profile.
+ Visit the Wienerberger Special Bricks microsite at www.specialbricks.co.uk