SVK Fibre Cement Facades

SVK Fibre Cement Facades are versatile by design, with adaptability and durability at their core.

The solution uses a timeless material, ideal for the needs of modern construction and with performance and quality built in.

Fire, weather and impact resistant, as well as low maintenance and lightweight installation on a wide range of substrates using screws, rivets, glue or invisible mechanical fixings.

The range of SVK Fibre Cement Facades offer flexibility and aesthetic choice.
Ornimat panels come in a broad range of colours, custom cut to eliminate wastage and work on site.
Decoboard Classic features a smooth finish and a neutral palette, whereas Puro Plus offers a nuanced naturalistic texture.
Colormat panels unlock a range of textural and aesthetic options, from smooth Classic to rougher Scripto and milled Bando, coloured right through during the manufacturing process.
As just one part of Wienerberger extensive array of facade solutions, SVK can be installed alongside alternative skins like brick, brick slips or prefab elements, or with traditional building materials like timber.
A truly innovative solution, and one that’s versatile by design.


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