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Goxhill roof tiles
As a leading industry innovator, our Sandtoft brand has pioneered many of the advances in roof system design in recent years.


Our forward thinking approach has been to create outstanding products that offer the highest possible aesthetics and performance at an affordable price. Our experts develop and rigorously test products and materials using our in-house wind and rain tunnel, which can simulate the most severe weather conditions ever likely to be experienced in the UK. Mortar failure is one of the most common roofing defects and can often lead to rain penetration and damage to the roof structure, or even building fabric. For mortar to remain effective, regular maintenance is required during the lifespan of a building, which comes at a cost.

Wienerberger's Sandtoft range of roofing systems has been designed to eliminate these defects and significantly reduce on-going maintenance costs.

In addition, these systems can also provide adequate and discrete ventilation as a means of controlling condensation.  As with all Sandtoft products, our roofing systems are carefully designed and tested using an in-depth and practical knowledge of roofing, to ensure they provide reliable, long lasting, secure and durable roofs and more consistent standards of workmanship. To complement our range of ventilation systems we also offer ridge and tile ventilators for connection to soil and mechanical extraction pipes and for additional roof space ventilation where required. A roof tile is a component that operates within the roof to form a system. At Sandtoft we can offer the complete system, with numerous accessories available to satisfy needs such as dry roofing and ventilation.

Roofing Sytems: Decorative Roofing Ventilation Dry Roofing Fixings

All our roofing systems have been designed to combine performance, aesthetics and ease of use to create a dry fix as well as ventilation solutions that herald a real step forward in pitched roof construction.

Sandtoft dry fix systems reduce maintenance to little more than periodic inspection, with all the traditional problems of mortar bedding being avoided. The result is longer lasting, secure, durable roofs and more consistent standards of workmanship. Our dry fix systems also offer discrete roof space ventilation as a means of controlling condensation.

If you would like further advice on which accessories are needed please contact Customer Support on 0844 9395 900.

Where accessories are required for conservation projects and are not readily available, our Heritage Service can manufacture bespoke products. For more information telephone 0844 9395 900.


Lead has been the standard flashing material on roofs for hundreds of years. However, cost and environmental concerns mean that lead is becoming less appealing. KoraFlex is your ideal alternative flashing material.   The perfect alternative to lead flashings KoraFlex is an ideal replacement for lead for weatherproofing junctions such as side and top abutments around chimneys and dormers etc.  Available in three colours, it can be used to either replicate lead or complement the tile colours. KoraFlex is an aluminium roll, fully coated with a butyl adhesive backing for superior adhesion. KoraFlex is much lighter and more flexible than lead, making it easier to handle and install.  The backing film can be removed in sections as required, making positioning on the roof easy. The adhesive backing remains workable for an hour but then provides a strong adhesion to the roof to resist wind uplift. Because KoraFlex is made from aluminium there is no risk to the environment from any chemical leaching onto the roof.   Easy to install Because KoraFlex has a profiled surface it is easy to closely dress the flashing into the shape of the tiles. KoraFlex is available in 320 and 450 mm widths and can be simply cut to length/width using a sharp knife.  

Sandtoft VPM Classic and Super

Sandtoft VPM Classic and Super vapour permeable underlays are suitable for both warm and cold roof designs on any roof shape and building type.  They perform all the functions of good quality roof underlays and provide many benefits over the traditional bituminuous underlays; in particular helping to avoid condensation in the roof space.


To give the user complete confidence in our products and systems roofspec offers not only a full roof specification but also our guarantee that the specification fully complies with all relevant standards and regulations. In addition, we guarantee that the roof will remain weather-tight for a period not less than 15 years provided it has been designed and constructed in compliance with the specification issued by Sandtoft.   To apply for our roofing specification guarantee simply complete our roofspec questionnaire. We will then write a comprehensive specification based on the information supplied. This includes a wind loading calculation to ensure the most appropriate level of roof tile fixings.   A signed guarantee certificate is then issued with the full specification. The certificate will be printed with the details of the client and the project reference number.


Tile fittings include ridge and hip tiles, left hand verge tiles, cloaked verge tiles, half tile or tile-and-half tiles for its cross-bonded tiles as well as bonnet and arris hip tiles and valley tiles for its plain tile range. Wienerberger offers a range of feature tiles to suit plain tiles and decorative ridges in both clay and concrete ridge profiles. It offers a full choice of accessories, such as tile fixing clips, comb fillers to prevent access by birds and insects as well as ventilation tiles to vent the roof space and for soil and mechanical extraction terminals. FOR MORE INFORMATION: please contact Customer Support on 0844 9395 900 or Technical Services on 0844 9395 999  8.30 am - 5.00 pm Monday to Friday.

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