BIM Role definitions: PAS1192:2

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An overview of why PAS1192 prescribes a number of different BIM roles

BIM role definitions

BIM outlines a number of different roles required to support a project but it should be noted that they do not include titles such as BIM Manager or BIM Controller; the key point to remember here is that they are roles and not titles. They can also apply to multiple people if required if, for example, there are personnel changes.   As a leader in BIM, Wienerberger believes that the most important aspects to consider regarding BIM role definitions is that all individuals are trained, competent and have the correct authority to carry out the role. There is absolutely no point in a junior manager being a PIM if he or she will be railroaded by an MD, creating the potential for inaccuracies to creep in to a project.

The roles

PIM (Project Information Manager)   Managing project processes and procedures for information exchange Initiating and implementing the Project Information Plan and Asset Information Plan Assisting in the preparation of Project Outputs e.g. data drops Implementation of the BIM Protocol, including updating the Model Production and Delivery Table Employee Representative   Identify key decision points Define plain language questions Implement information protocols Information management role appointments Acceptance of the information model Design Construction Lead   Develop the BIM Execution Plan (BEP) Task team appointments and assessments Assigning the level of definition (LOD) Volume strategy Authorisation of the project information model Project Delivery Manager   Master information delivery plan Communication link between task teams Assures the delivery of the information model Ensures task teams have the capacity to deliver Identify and mitigate risks against delivery Project Information Manager   Responsible to the project delivery manager Projects standards, methods and procedures (SMP) Assure information model compliance Ensure task team has the capability to deliver Identify and mitigate risks against delivery Task Team Manager   Responsible to the design construction lead Ensures delivery against the task information delivery plan Approval of the task team information model(s) Task Information Manager   Responsible to both the design construction lead and the Project Information Manager Point of contact for information management Ensures compliance with SMP Education and training Information Author(s)   Production and or maintenance of information / models / content Coordination of information Escalates issues to ensure delivery Escalates interface issues to interface manager Interface Manager   Resolving spatial coordination issues with other task team interface managers Escalating unresolved coordination issues to the design/construction lead

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