Calderdale Edge

Calderdale Dark Grey
Precision engineered, large format concrete tile with advanced interlocking design.

About Calderdale Edge

The new Calderdale Edge – Sometimes it’s taking a product you know, and re-engineering it to be quicker, stronger and better value.   The new Calderdale Edge:   Uses less material (5kg lighter over a m2), but it is both bigger and stronger Has a thinner interlocking design that improved performance Has a modern large format aesthetic Less tiles (and cost) per square metre Precision re-engineered with a new larger nib Please note that Calderdale Edge is not compatible with the original Calderdale Traditional tile.

Monkey Grip™ Clips

Calderdale Edge is the first product to use the innovative new tile and eaves clips, Monkey Grip. The unique design has an integrated nail making it quicker and easier to use, whilst being 30% stronger than the previous metal clip.   Read More > 


Calderdale Edge

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Benefit: Quicker layering

Feature: Thinner lockering design


Benefit: Quicker & more efficient - Less tiles required per square metre

Feature: 5% Greater surface coverage


Benefit: Faster, more secure fixing

Feature: Single nail fixing combined with the new Monkey Grip™ Clips


Benefit: Thinner making the tile easier to transport and lift on site

Feature: Stronger and more durable design but weights less than 5kg


Benefit: Thinner edge giving a better overall look

Feature: Designed with a better aesthetic

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