Guide to planning roof design

Spitalfields, Whitechapel
The importance of roof design and its relationship with the external envelope and environment.

The importance of roof design and its relationship with other elements within the external envelope and the surrounding environment cannot be over emphasised. The roof constitutes up to 40% of the visible exterior of a building, and design features can limit the choice of tile. Our advice, therefore, is always to design the house with the roof tile or slate in mind. Use our product selector to help you determine what kind of tiles are available and suit your needs by searching for tiles by category.   FIND OUT MORE Visit our literature section to help you choose a suitable product for your needs and obtain brochures to help you understand how tiles can be used.    

From a planning perspective, seek the guidance of your planner at the earliest stage possible. While it is unusual for a planner to be prescriptive about the choice of roofing materials outside conservation areas, each planning office has some freedom to interpret national guidelines in accordance with local needs.     When choosing materials, check the type of tiles in use on adjacent properties and consider their age. Tiles mature very differently according to the material with which they are made and the environment in which they find themselves. Clay retains its overall colour, mellowing as it ages and is often thought of as having a rustic charm. Its use, however, is not confined to rural areas, with products such as the 20/20 plain tile being used in urban areas as a highly cost-effective alternative to traditional plain tiles.  

Our extensive range of colours is available to ensure you can successfully complement your choice of brick. Recent innovations such as the Arcadia pantile mean we can even simulate the character of reclaimed tiles. Whereas the use of reclaimed brick is common, the use of reclaimed tiles can present problems, not least in where to obtain them. This can be overcome however, by choosing a product such as the Arcadia to provide a finish every bit as effective as reclaimed tiles, but with our sixty year guarantee.     For more specialised needs, such as the restoration of listed buildings, the Sandtoft Heritage Service can re-create handmade tiles, ridges and finials in keeping with the exacting needs and standards of local and national conservation bodies.   Please see Related Links below to get more information.      

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