Health and safety

Wienerberger: Health and safety is our primary concern
Wienerberger considers health and safety to be an important aspect within our organisation that requires continual management focus, supported by both financial and physical resources.

Safety of our workers

Our business deploys and maintains an effective health and safety management system that ensures any person who works with us is to return home safely at the end of every day.   Building on this system, our organisation focuses significant efforts on our machinery and its functionality to enable any person working in, or around our processes can do so safely. Our management teams consistently discuss and review safety protocols along with behaviours, commonly known within our organisation as 'Visible Management Leadership' (VML).

Our 'Near Miss' initiative

Any individual that works within our organisation is empowered to report any health and safety concerns they may have to the site management team immediately. These concerns will be be fully investigated, with feedback given to the individual, with any potential remedial action to be taken.   Since the launch of our 'Near Miss' initiative in early 2014, our organisation has reported and actioned over 5000 safety concerns raised by our colleagues. This initiative has also played a vital part in preventing tomorrow’s injuries and has been a key enabler towards our ultimate goal of 'Zero Harm'. Over the last three years we are also proud to report an 80% reduction in Lost Time Accidents (LTAs).

Our 'Visible Management Leadership' programme

The VML programme was launched in June 2015. Personnel working within our organisation see our management teams talking about health and safety daily and feel its importance.

Our 'Safe Driving' campaign

Our 'Safe Driving' campaign was implemented in October 2015 for any personnel driving on behalf of Wienerberger. Before being allowed to drive a company vehicle, individuals must first undertake an online and on-road assessment.

British Ceramic Confederation

Wienerberger works alongside other manufacturers in partnership with the British Ceramic Confederation (BCC) and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) under the 'Health and Safety Pledge', a joint initiative to improve occupational safety throughout the ceramic industry.

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