Free Porotherm training

Visit the Wienerberger Porotherm Discovery Hub microsite for free online support and training with using our clay block system.

Visit our Porotherm Discovery Hub Today

For support for both builders and contractors, look no further than the Wienerberger Porotherm Discovery Hub, an innovative, free to use, online portal that supports individuals interested in learning about how to build with the clay block walling system.  Visit the Porotherm Discovery Hub: Through our Porotherm Discovery Hub, builders are able to see why Porotherm is becoming such a popular system in the UK construction market and why they should get themselves trained in how to build with the system. The portal provides links to a series of training documents, which can be downloaded for free and a series of ‘how to’ videos, which can be streamed directly from the hub. To dismiss any misconceptions around building with Porotherm, Wienerberger has also included answers to frequently asked questions and testimonials from builders who are already using the system.

Free Training

  Builders can use the discovery hub to easily register to attend a completely free-of-charge training session with Wienerberger’s experienced technical team to learn all they need to know about building with Porotherm.   WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT POROTHERM? + Email: or call our call centre on 0845 303 2524

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