Porotherm is the ideal solution for PassivHaus

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Why Porotherm is so ideal for Passivhaus

Wienerberger’s Porotherm clay block walling system is a modern method of construction with the reassuringly traditional values of clay.
Porotherm offers exceptionally fast, virtually dry construction combined with high strength and thermal efficiency.
It is an ideal solution for Passivhaus projects.  Take a look at some of the further benefits:
Manufactured from a natural inert product – clay
Minimises the use of non-sustainable primary materials – cement Porotherm and Poroton blocks have high mass, high specific heat capacity and can store large quantities of heat, buffering internal temperature changes and making for a more comfortable environment.
Non harmful to end user, occupier and environment
Breathable though micro pores within clay structure, which helps provide a fully breathable wall system and assists moisture buffering within the completed building and prevents moisture ingress.
Longevity of product life – 150 years
The blocks retain their structural and thermal integrity for the entire life of the building giving assurance that the wall will perform to the same standard of excellence throughout its life.
The whole range of blocks are inherently air tight
Zero shrinkage/movement maintains the air tightness efficiency of the building for the lifetime of the building, due to minimal block envelope movement.
The benefits result in buildings constructed using Passivhaus principles having decreased heating demand and associated costs to end user; minimises CO2 emissions; increased thermal efficiency of building envelope and allows MHVR systems to operate at reduced energy consumption.
The standard range of materials (available within days) can be built up as a full system without major design and long lead in times. With simple design and ease of build available through a wide product range, it is possible to quickly achieve high structural, thermal, acoustic and building breathability.
A full range of Passivhaus U value are achievable from the basic 0.15W/m²K requirement, to our lowest requirement of 0.07W/m²K.
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Examples of Projects

Norwich - Carrowbeck

Porotherm, has been specified for an innovative Passivhaus project in Norwich, which will see 14 residential properties built to the standard.

The project has been commissioned by Norwich City Council to promote the Passivhaus standard, which is the fastest growing energy performance standard in the UK. The Passivhaus standard’s aim is to promote the building of houses that have an excellent thermal performance and exceptional airtightness with mechanical ventilation.

Porotherm has been specified for the project as an efficient alternative to other building materials such as timber, concrete or light steel frames. The Porotherm blocks comply with the Passivhaus standards by offering a high thermal performance, exceptionally fast and virtually dry construction, plus high strength and thermal efficiency.

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