Porotherm lintels

Find out more details about the lintels that have been specifically designed for Porotherm

The lintels system

  Porotherm lintels are designed as a two part system, a box lintel to build into the Porotherm as the internal skin is built up, then the external leaf clips into place as the face brickwork is brought up at a later stage. Lintels are bedded on traditional mortar, but your tray will be installed on ZeroPlus. A good tip is to roll the block and not the DPM, and then turn the block and lay it on top of the dpm. Please note that if the construction is to include gas or radon membranes, these should always be laid within a bed of traditional mortar.     NEED TO KNOW MORE? + Email: porotherm@wienerberger.co.uk + Telephone: 0845 303 2524

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