Porotherm - the cost effective solution

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Amongst the many benefits the Porotherm system brings, time and cost-savings are of major significance.

Speed of laying

A simple measure of productivity highlights the stark contrast between Porotherm and other methods – our precision clay blocks can be laid significantly faster. With no mortar required in the vertical joints, and with each block precision-ground for easy on-site use, Porotherm is designed for maximum build efficiency.

Optimum stock

The structural performance of the Porotherm system reduces the variance of block types and strengths required on-site. Furthermore, next day delivery from stockists reduces storage requirements on-site.

Efficiency in the build programme

Although the price per square metre of block-work is comparable to other masonry materials, the speed and efficiency that the Porotherm system offers on-site creates substantial savings in virtually every area, starting with a clear reduction in preliminary costs, and consolidated by reduced labour and mortar costs (due to the virtually dry nature of the system).   + The benefits begin with the foundations – since our blocks are considerably lighter than concrete, foundation loads are lighter, which means structural, labour and machinery costs can be reduced.   + The increased laying speed means achieving a water-tight shell significantly more quickly, allowing finishing trades to start work sooner.   + With Porotherm, a project can be built to 2nd storey height without the normal need to back up, so the external skin can be taken off the critical path. Actual height of build is dependent on exposure conditions and design to allow support during temporary conditions. The ultimate result is a walling system that is able to save both time and money throughout the build process, without compromising build quality or key sustainability criteria.

Download the key design features of the Porotherm core range or the NHBC & LABC certificates at the top right of this page. WANT TO LEARN MORE? + Email: porotherm@wienerberger.co.uk or contact our call centre on 0845 303 2524  

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