Roof specifications, roofspec®

Wienerberger Dry Roofing Systems
roofspec offers not only a complete roof specification but also our guarantee that the specification fully complies with all relevant standards and regulations

In addition, we guarantee that the roof will remain weathertight for a period not less than 15 years provided it has been designed and constructed in compliance with the specification issued by Sandtoft.   Roof specifications Questionnaire To apply for our roof specifcations guarantee simply complete our roofspec questionnaire - available from Technical Services or fill in the online form on the microsite HERE. We will then write a comprehensive specification based on the information supplied. This includes a wind loading calculation to ensure the most appropriate level of roof tile fixings.  Guarantee Certificate A signed guarantee certificate will then issued with the full specification. The certificate will be printed with the details of the client and the project reference number.    Bespoke Specification Clauses Wienerberger's Sandtoft brand can supply completed specification clauses for your particular project. All we require is some information, in the form of technical drawings, or by completing our roofspec questionnaire. If you require assistance with any aspect of your specification please do not hesitate to contact Sandtoft Technical Services on 0844 9395 999.