The history of Wienerberger

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A timeline demonstrating the major steps in the development of Wienerberger as a building material solutions manufacturing company.

Building the foundations

1819: Founding by Alois Miesbach on the Wienerberg in Vienna. 1869: Trading starts on the Vienna Stock Exchange.

The 20th century

1918: Loss of plants in Croatia, Hungary and Czechoslovakia in the wake of World War I. 1945: Hundreds of dead and destruction of plants on the Wienerberg in aerial attacks. 1955: Record production following the reconstruction of Vienna after World War II. 1972: Investment in Bramac concrete roof tile company in Austria. 1980: Beginning of reorganisation and turnaround by new management under Erhard Schaschl. 1986: Start of internationalisation and expansion through acquisition of the Oltmanns Group in Germany. 1989: Founding of Pipelife joint venture (plastic pipes), investment in Treibacher Chemische Werke (metallurgy and abrasives) and the ÖAG Group (sanitary ware wholesaler), expansion of clay pipe activities.

Expansion into Eastern Europe

1990: Start of expansion into Eastern Europe through market entry in Hungary. 1994: Sale of the ÖAG Group. 1995: Acquisition of the Sturm Group in France. 1996: Acquisition of Terca, the leading facing brick producer in Benelux, majority investment in Semmelrock (pavers) in Austria. 1997: Introduction of Wienerberger Value Management and focus on core business, sale of the Business Park Vienna real estate project and Treibacher Abrasives. 1999: Advance to global player through the acquisition of General Shale in the USA, purchase of ZZ Wancor in Switzerland, and acquisition of Mabo in Scandinavia by Pipelife.

2000 and beyond

2000: Transformation to Pure Player in building materials through sale of Treibacher Industries and Wipark garage business, acquisition of Cherokee Sanford in the US. 2001: New Managing Board under Wolfgang Reithofer, acquisition of Optiroc brick division in Northern Europe, implementation of a Group-wide restructuring program with focus on Germany. 2002: Acquisition of Hanson plc brick activities in Continental Europe. 2003: Development of Roofing Systems as second core business through acquisition of a 50% stake in Koramic Roofing and advance to Number 2 in roofing systems in Europe, sale of Steinzeug clay pipe activities. 2004: Transformation to a pure free-loat company, full acquisition of Koramic Roofing and thebrickbusiness in Great Britain. 2005: € 400 million debut bond issued. 2006: Acquisition of Robinson Brick in the western region of US. 2007: Market entry in Canada, expansion of the market position in Great Britain, issue of a hybrid bond (volume of € 500 million) and capital increase (net proceeds: € 424 million). 2008: Acquisition of a majority stake in the British clay roof tile producer Sandtoft, increasing spread of financial crisis to the real economy triggers global economic crisis. 2009: Economic crisis leads to collapse of Wienerberger markets, Heimo Scheuch appointed new CEO as of August 1, successful implementation of comprehensive restructuring program 2009 – liquidity sustainably secured, capital increase (net proceeds of € 320 million).   READ MORE + Find out more about Wienerberger UK in the related articles below.  

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