Why is Porotherm becoming so popular?

The reasons behind Porotherm's popularity are clear to see. It's a solid walling material that delivers clear environmental and economical benefits.

Porotherm has been a mainstay of construction across Europe for decades.  Since its introduction into the UK in 2008 it has become well established as an excellent alternative to traditional masonry such as concrete blocks, as well as other systems such as timber or lightweight steel frames.   The range of benefits offered by building with Porotherm cover a broad spectrum of subjects from economic to environmental to lifestyle.


An average of 30-40m2 per man per day is easily achievable; much faster than traditional masonry Floors can be placed without the need for normal backing up so the external envelope can be completed more quickly Porotherm’s ZeroPlus mortar can be used at 0°C and above, meaning projects can gain extra working days in winter


Porotherm uses around 95% less water. In a typical 212m2 building, concrete blocks will consume 1060 litres of water compared to just 72 for Porotherm.  Work is less reliant on the local water supply The system takes less time to achieve a watertight shell The external skin can be removed from the critical path to allow parallel working


The compressive strengths of Porotherm’s core range are typically 10 N/mm² One block fits the majority of requirements, as a result there is no need to keep multiple blocks on-site, reducing the risk of wrong-block use and optimising storage space


Porotherm blocks are generally lighter than concrete, allowing workers to maintain steady production rates without the risk of repetitive strain injuries Precision engineering means no sharp corners, reducing the risk of cuts ZeroPlus mortar is applied with a roller, reducing dermatological risk


30% of materials from alternative, recycled or secondary sources (MARSS) Life expectancy of more than 150 years and blocks recyclable at end of life, for example into hard core. A+ BRE Green Guide rating in external walls


Thermally efficient in helping to regulate variations in temperature Acoustically efficient Fire resistance is outstanding – Porotherm achieves a Class A1 rating for a 100mm wall Breathable – assists in regulating humidity No moisture shrinkage – no disruption to finishes, fewer movement joints (1:20 linear metres) and reduced risk of cracking CERAM-tested air-tightness, maximised through a parge coat or wet plaster   By choosing Porotherm customers receive a construction system that is not only economical in every respect - but also offers maximum quality and value retention.

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