The winning project

Architect: Tropical Space Vietnam.
Location: Da Nang, Vietnam
Construction period: 04.2014 – 08.2014
Purpose: Single-family house
Useable floor area: 80 m² / 190 m²
Brick type: Solid bricks
The name Termitary House stands for the layout of the house, with one central room where all corridors, galleries and small rooms come together, which resembles the building plan of a termite mount. Similarities can also be found in the ventilation shafts and that all building materials come from the surrounding area.
Located in a region with a tropical monsoon climate, the house is built entirely of brick so it corresponds to the extreme climatic conditions and relates to historic examples in Central Vietnam. It is immediately apparent that the house is robustly built with an extremely economical layout, incorporating all essential parts such as bathrooms, living and sleeping areas; additionally, an office, a small library and a prayer room also fit into the small space.
The green roof serves as a garden for the residents. Another special feature of the house are the openings that have been left in the roof and the perforated brick walls, which provide lighting and ventilation in all areas, even the ones that are hard to access. When the wind blows along the outside of these openings, the flow of air is directed through the interior. This helps to cool the rooms without requiring any energy input.
“The principle is very simple,” the architects say. “It saves electricity and natural resources and could serve as a prototype for inexpensive housing in tropical regions.”



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