Dual TLE

Mock-bond large format lightweight concrete roof tiles with a thin leading edge.

Headlap75 mm (min) 120 mm (max)
Tile Dimensions (mm)420 x 334 mm
Batten Spacing300 mm (min) 345 mm (max)
Weight as laid47.9kg per m² & 44.7kg per m²
Weight per 10004.7 tonnes
Minimum Roof Pitch17.5⁰ smoothfaced (100mm) 22.5⁰ smoothfaced (75mm) *
Tiles per m²9.5 tiles per m° (at 75mm headlap)

The Dual TLE is a thin slate-like interlocking concrete roof tile with one of the thinnest leading edges on the market. The Dual Thin Leading Edge (TLE) system adds a new visual aesthetic to the lightweight concrete tile, as it features a mock-bond, which suggests that each tile is actually two.

The main advantages of the DUAL TLE Concrete tile are:

  • Thinnest leading edge on the market.
  • The TLE’s large format size means you only need 9.5 tiles per m2.
  • The TLE come as a part of a full installation system that includes the membrane underneath the tiles, the dry fix mechanical solutions, ventilation and the ridge and hip fittings.
  • The TLE roof tiles are half the thickness of some alternative concrete tiles, while their lightweight nature has been designed to contribute to super-easy installation – all without any compromise on aesthetic appearance.
  • Interlocking concrete tiles deliver quick installation and exceptional performance.
  • The TLE system comes with a 15 year ROOFSPEC® guarantee.

Further Information:

At Wienerberger we believe in working to a standard of quality and consistency that goes beyond the accepted industry standard. Use Sandtoft concrete roof tiles and be assured of a level of quality and consistency that is unmatched in the industry, in stronger long lasting colours with a rich aesthetic appeal.

All roof tiles in this range comply with the requirements of BS EN 490 and are manufactured under quality management. For more information visit our product certificate guide.

+ To find out more about this tile, call Customer Support on + 44 (0)844 9395 900 or email sandtoftinfo@wienerberger.com

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Dual TLE Datasheet
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Sandtoft Technical Notes: Low pitch installation guide
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Sandtoft Installation Guide: Large Format Dry Verge
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Sandtoft TLE Clips Installation Guide
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