Choosing the right tile

Oast House East Malling, Kent - Alban Sussex Blend
Advice on finding the perfect product which works for your project

Choosing your tiles:

  • Look at the surrounding buildings - your roof covering will need to be sympathetic to the local style
  • Find out what material is in use on surrounding roofs: e.g. clay, concrete, or natural slate
  • Consider if you want natural products that will add value or 'saleability' in the future
  • Choose a suitable tile for the design of the roof: consider minimum pitch, curves, cones, etc. If the roof has intricate shapes such as dormers then a small-scale tile may be the most suitable. If the roof is a simple gable-to-gable design, then a tile with a large profile, such as a clay pantile or roman tile would be more economical
  • Most importantly, ask your local planning authority for advice before you decide. Authorities have rules and policies and are best consulted at the design stage
  • Once you have made a decision, check again with local planners - submit samples



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