Case Study: Resource Efficiency at Mouselow Quarry

Wienerberger has partnered with Booth Ventures to ensure none of the extracted material from Mouselow Quarry is wasted.

The shale extracted from Mouselow quarry, near Glossop, is a key ingredient for brickmaking at Wienerberger’s Denton factory. Between the shale layers is a band of sandstone which, although unsuitable for use in brick manufacturing, is ideal for stone work projects. The sandstone is used in a variety of applications in the construction industry, from high-quality stone paving to engineering works.

In order to maximise the productivity of the quarry, Wienerberger has contracted Booth Ventures to extract the sandstone and in turn expose the shale that our Denton factory requires.

Booth’s specialist crushing and grading equipment maximises the use of the sandstone, generating a wide range of aggregates from sand fill, pipe bedding, Type 1, 6F2, and rip-rap to block stone. The block stone has been used in prestigious projects such as Dickens Yard in Ealing, London and the Corn Exchange, Manchester.

Removing the sandstone in this manner also has the additional benefit of making it quicker and easier to achieve the final restoration design at the end of life stage. Once the quarry reaches the end of its active lifespan, it will be restored to natural habitat and planted with native flora to promote biodiversity in and around the site. 

The Corn Exchange, Manchester

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