Fabricated Special Shaped Bricks

What are Fabricated Special Shaped Bricks? What options are available, why would you use and how are these produced

Long-term performance, quality and value. Wienerberger’s Fabricated Specials offer a range of options. Profiles can be cut, cut and bonded, cut and refaced or cut and filleted, with every component delivered with quality guaranteed.   Our Fabricated Specials are manufactured with quality adhesives and complementary sands to ensure long-term performance and a perfect match to our standard metric or imperial bricks. To ensure our customers only ever receive the finest quality products, we exclusively offer performance guarantees on Fabricated Specials that are made in our production sites.   Another benefit of using our Fabricated Specials is our all-inclusive pricing. There’s a misconception that using bricks already on site to produce Fabricated Specials is the better value option, but this calculation usually doesn’t consider the initial cost of the component. Our prices cover the cost of the bricks, the manufacturing of the Special shape and even delivery (dependent on volume).  

Cut and Bonded   Using any standard facing brick, these are cut and then glued together to form the Specials profile - this practice is more commonly used for Angle Bricks.    

Cut and Filleted   This is when the stretcher face of a standard facing brick is cut out and bonded into a cut section of another facing brick - commonly used to produce Plinths & Cants.    

Cut and Refaced   A standard facing brick will be used which will have the face cut and then sand applied with glue to the cut surface to give the required facing requirements - for example Plinths & Cants.

Single Cut   A Standard facing brick cut along any of the faces to form the required Specials profile - for example Brick Slips, Gable Cuts or Half Bat.

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