Online Self-help with our Special Bricks Selector tool

What is our Wienerberger Self-Help microsite, how to find it and the benefits of using it.

The Wienerberger self-help Specials Selector Tool is a fully interactive web resource that visually filters through all British Standard Specials in three easy steps: by group, profile and finally individual shape – providing the specific technical details covering dimensions and angles, as well as helpful tips and considerations of each individual profile. The Specials Selector Tool can be found on our Specials Microsite:

Our online Specials Builder Tool is another way to guide you in choosing the right Specials for your projects. It is a fully interactive web resource that will visually demonstrate areas of your building, and help identify the appropriate Special shaped groups & profiles available for those selected areas, filtering through the entire British Standard profiles in three easy steps. An example of this is helping identify which Special Bricks are available to form an angle within a bay window. The Specials Builder Tool can also be found on our Specials Microsite:

Contact Wienerberger on 0845 303 2524  or email us at: for more information on our range of Special Shaped Bricks.

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