What are Special Shaped Bricks?

What are Special Shaped Bricks, our market leading range and manufacturing techniques.

What are Special Shaped Bricks - An Overview

  Special Shaped Bricks are exactly what the name suggests; bricks specially designed to various shapes and dimensions to complement and contrast the standard metric or imperial brick.   The virtually limitless shapes provide flexibility, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality, giving architects the freedom to create distinctive buildings. However, with hundreds of Special Bricks on the market to choose from, finding the right shape, with the correct dimensions and angles has previously been a challenge.   At Wienerberger, our focus has always been on creating high quality, innovative products, but beyond that we also believe it’s our duty to make finding these products simple, quick and easy.   Special Shaped Bricks can significantly enhance the aesthetics of a building by providing architects and builders with more freedom to innovate in the field of design.   Beyond the numerous aesthetic benefits, Special Bricks can also provide seamless functionality, adding extra durability and protection to brickwork. They can even reduce build time and waste on-site as well as addressing any skills shortages by removing the need for hand cutting expertise.   In terms of their applications, Special Bricks can be used on virtually any project. From high-rise structures to bungalows they simply provide design flexibility, speed of build and a level of aesthetic detail that’s basically unachievable with standard metric or imperial bricks.

Our Marketing Leading Special Bricks Range

  Wienerberger stocks the widest range of Special Bricks in the UK. Our 250 profiles are available in a range of colours and finishes and provided with market-leading support services.   We have been manufacturing Special Bricks for more than 100 years. Today we have teams of highly skilled craftsmen devoted to developing innovative Specials solutions in dedicated production facilities across the UK and Europe, providing international coverage for all Specials requirements.   Our Special products are produced under ISO 14001 (Environment), ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 50001 (Energy) Management Systems, so our customers can rest assured that they are receiving quality products with sustainability embedded from design to delivery.

Types & Manufacturing Techniques

Special Shaped Bricks are generally made in two ways – manufactured as complete components, or cut from one or more standard metric or imperial bricks.

Manufactured Special Bricks

  Wirecut Brick (Extruded) - Manufactured by extrusion and then wirecut to size. The different Special profiles are created by the use of different shaped dies on the end of the extruder. These are usually perforated but can also be solid.   Stock Brick (Moulded) - Manufactured using a mould. The clay is either hand or machine thrown into a sanded mould to create the profile.   Waterstruck Brick (Moulded) - Manufactured using a mould, the clay is either hand or machine thrown into a watered mould to create the profile.

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