What is Corium?

Wienerberger - Corium
Corium is a unique brick cladding system that combines the natural beauty of genuine brick with cost effective fast track installation.

Corium is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and across the world. It has been used on many prestigeous developments over the past few years.   The Corium system comprises brick slip tiles specially manufactured to fix mechanically to a HPS200 galvanised steel backing section. These profiled lengths are mounted in hotizontal rows onto a vertical support system and the brick tiles are simply clipped in place. The mechanical 'clipping' feature is unique to Corium and ensures a high strength façade whilst enabling some adjustment of tile position during installation.

There are many features of the Corium system such as:

Corium is a unique and innovative cladding system It offers a real brick aesthetic It is a flexible, functional and imaginitive system The unique Corium tiles are available in a wide range of colours, textures and sizes A wide range of special shaped, including purpose-made returns and flat arches are available Industry tested and BRE certified Can save time and money.
Take a look at the Corium product page.
+ Visit our Facade Gallery of case study images to view inspirational projects using our Corium system.
+ For more information on our Corium cladding system or to order a brochure please email marketing.uk@wienerberger.com  

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